Frequently Asked Questions

What is Music and Messages On Hold?

It is an audio production of music and custom messages written specifically for your business some what like radio commercial.

Why Do I Need an On Hold System?

To inform and educate your callers about your business and to reassure your callers that they’re still connected. Imagine greeting a guest in your store or office then suddenly leaving them alone for a minute or more.

Is My Phone System On Hold Ready?

If you currently have an audio source connected to your telephone system or a voip system, you’re ready to go or if you have a commercial PBX or KSU. Most systems have a music on hold port located on the side, top, bottom or inside the panel box.

Can I Play Over the Air Radio or Music?

Only if you pay special rights fees to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. If you don’t pay these fees, you are in violation of US copyright laws and are subject to fines. More importantly though, would you really want your telephone guests to hear a commercial for one of your competitors?

When Does the Player Start Playing?

Your message on hold program plays continuously.

Will I Need Professional Installation?

It depends on your telephone system. If you have an existing on hold unit or if you have a commercial PBX or KSU phone system with an audio, radio, on-hold or MOH jack commercial installation should not be required.

What If I Need Professional Installation?

If professional installation is necessary, On Hold Media Services will gladly coordinate with one of our many telecommunications installation partners for professional installation. Most installations are easy.

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